Sunday, September 21, 2008

from Doug

Attached is a photo of Robert sitting outside in my backyard.

I knew and loved Robert long before he was a chocolatier. He and I were first year residents in Yale's Psychiatry residency program. We spent many evenings together cooking, eating, talking, and laughing. He was the better cook, but he never complained about my cooking. He dated Penny, a friend of mine. We used to party and go skinny dipping in the lake behind her house. Robert's chocolate expertise grew from his knowledge of chemistry and his love of cooking.

Robert discovered that Psychiatry was not to his liking, so he changed to Family Medicine. He was a wonderful doctor and deeply cared for his patients. I did not see him often after he moved to California, but we kept in touch. He was so happy when he met "this great woman, Rennea." He was conflicted about wanting a relationship but not wanting to burden anyone with his illness. I and my young son stayed with him in his San Francisco Texas Avenue apartment several years ago. The apartment was filled with books on chocolate, and he introduced us to his favorite California fruits and vegetables. He proudly took us to his first factory, and we sampled his ice creams (they never made it to market). I will always treasure my memories of Robert--his warmth, his humor, and his love of life. Goodbye my friend.

Doug Berv

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