Friday, September 19, 2008

from Tony Natera

The other day I was driving pass the Scharffenberger chocolate factory across the street from my work, and caught a classic sight of three Japanese girls proudly taking pictures of themselves in front of the now historic building. After that day I started paying more attention and noticed that tour buses stop there on a regular basis, and that a steady stream of smiling-big tourists, walk into the facilities in order to indulge themselves in the rich substance that at one point in history even became the object of wars.

Precious chocolate, a hat for Felix, infinite love for children that are not his, poems, songs, meals and stories for others without regards for returns; love expresses itself in countless and often unpredictable ways. Being the frequent conduit of it is probably the greatest fulfillment of the human spirit. In that account Robert is definitely fully cleared for take-off.

Sept 17, 2008

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Avery said...

Felix still wears the hat Robert gave him when he came to England to visit my mom and me when Felix was only 2 weeks old. He was a dear friend and I will remember him always.