Friday, September 19, 2008

From Renie Joie

The road to your house is so familiar to me
But the way ahead is such a mystery
Mariposa exit- 2 minutes to you
Three weeks ago that would have been true
The keys in my hand still open your door
But when I call up to you don’t answer anymore
The mail is just the way that I left it
And the rest of the house is just as you kept it
Except for the Brita… now faces the right.

I am going to miss the talks we had
We’d talk about politics, school, medicine, health
You’d talk about you and I’d talk about me
You’d make gourmet snacks when we didn’t feel like working
And I’d reheat gourmet meals when you couldn’t do the cooking
You taught me so much from primaries to radishes
Who knew, but Robert, about watermelon radishes
Next lesson was fruit, that you’d teach me to pick
Those that were not ripe you wouldn’t touch with a stick
And the over-ripe bananas stayed on the sill

We ordered a movie to watch, Serendipity
And you were supposed to be there- to sit and watch with me
That was 2 days ago….not too long ago at all
I wish I could go back and tell you it all
Tell you I love you,
And that I will miss it ALL

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rennea said...

Renie Joie,
you were the warmest light in his life. He knew you since you were 5yo, saw you growing and maturing and wanted to be your mentor, guide, friend and teacher. It was great that you were open to listen to him and he inspired you to be an even better person every day. What else can I say? Love inspires and he gave us a lot of inspiration.