Sunday, September 21, 2008

Small Gathering for Robert

Yesterday during the afternoon some of Robert's friends gathered at my house. I called the names on a list he gave Renie and me with names and phone numbers of people who had volunteered to help when he had his last spleen operation. Some on the list did not know of his passing. It is odd to call someone and ask them to come for a gathering for Robert and they ask say "Yes! How is he doing?" and you have to announce such sad news.

We had about 30 or so people and what I originally thought may be odd because not everyone knew each other, turned out to be a wonderful party-like atmosphere where the central theme was Robert and of course all the people where interesting and good friends. We joked about how many ex-girlfriends were included in that bunch!
Thanks everyone that could come. We are actively preparing for the big one!

Who came? Judy and George (who took these pictures); Jane and Larry, Tony, Graciela, Amy, Carl, Jamie, Beth and friend, Brad and friend, Christian and friend, Susan and Peter, Virginia and Johathan, Lala and family, Raul and family, Eskender, Deborah, did I miss someone?

George, Jane, Lala and
Graciela, Tony making arepas. Carl and Amy encouraging good quality cuisine.
Jamie, Larry and Lala cheer-leading the arepa-making efforts.
Is this table Robert-approved?

Renie Joie

Amy, Rennea, Jamie, Eskender laughing about the following mini-films Robert and some of us this past New Year's Eve

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