Thursday, September 25, 2008

from Heidi & Hartmut

Here is a picture of Robert when he was here almost 2 years ago. He's in the kitchen, beating up an awesome Mousse au Chocolate from scratch to be consumed on Christmas Eve. I remember that he was complaining about the mediocre quality of chocolate that I provided, not being prepared. The result nevertheless was heavenly.

Dear Rennea!

By now, you and Betsey are taking part in Robert's passing ceremony, and I sit here and send my prayers over the ocean, so they can become part of the big hymn of friendship that must be humming through the place right now like a swarm of honey-drunken bees. I wish me and Hartmut could be there, too. In a way, we are.

As you know, Robert came to our home for a last visit over Christmas of 2006. We were so happy when he called, asking whether he could drop in on his way from France to Berlin. Of course he could. Especcially because - since Betsey had left San Francisco - we hadn't been travelling over there and hadn't seen him at all. Alas, when I parked the car to pick him up at our tiny train station in small town Germany the day before Christmas, I remember this odd little splurge of sheer happiness: After all those years, Robert and us were still connected though we had been living worlds apart. Some people step into your life and never leave again. They remain close to your heart because they belong there. That's the way it is with Robert.

Dear Rennea, and that's the way it is with you as well. We love you from afar and read your invitations by email, wishing we could hear you sing, and keep up the good hope that one day we'll chat and laugh together again.

xxx, take care
Heidi & Hartmut

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